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Caterpillar Music's Alison Noble does a cartwheel midway through carrying the 2012 Olympic torch
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Caterpillar Music Franchisee Alison Noble carried the Olympic torch through East Markham last week and true to character, Alison stopped, handed the flame to one of the security team, then...
TES Show London
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Caterpillar Music was an exhibitor at the TES Show in Islington, London on December 9th and 10th.
Caterpillar Music Visits The BBC CBeebies Studio
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Caterpillar Music customers were thrilled to visit the BBC Cbeebies studio.
BBC Cbeebies Presenter Sid Enjoys Caterpillar Music
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Sid Sloane, the BBC Cbeebies presenter had a great time when he came to Caterpillar Music!
Over 500 attend celebrations on the Isle of Wight
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Maggie recently celebrated running her classes on the Island for 5 years, by holding a huge fundraising party.
15 results - showing 11 - 15
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