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The Big Butterfly Count

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At Caterpillar Music, we love butterflies. They are not only beautiful creatures, which bring about huge excitement when they are spotted but they play a very important role in the food chain and in our environment.

The Butterfly Conservation is running their annual “Big Butterfly Count” which starts today and runs until 11 August. This is a fantastic opportunity to get your little ones out into the garden to spot these wonderful insects. Spending time outside is not only fun but is also beneficial to the mental health of both adults and children.

The Butterfly Conservation has a great chart or app you can use to record your findings and help contribute to what the BBC is calling “the world's largest butterfly count”.

And to add to the excitement, this year, we are expected to see a record number of painted lady butterflies in and around the UK. 

Have fun butterfly spotting this summer. We’d love to see your photos and hear how many you spotted.

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