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Keep Singing this Summer

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The summer holidays are in full swing. This means that most of your usual baby and toddler classes will be closed for a much-needed break. It also means you will have plenty of long summer days in which to keep your little ones active and entertained.

We know how much children love singing and dancing so we thought we would help you out with some ideas for fun, musical activities that you and your kiddies can enjoy together this summer.


1) Visit a Summer Session

Some of our franchisees are offering sessions throughout the summer. Check with your local class to find out if there is one on near you.


2) Sing as you clean

There is always loads to be done in the house – washing, cooking, vacuuming – so why not get your little ones involved? And make it fun by blasting out some of your favourite tunes while you do it? Who doesn’t love folding washing to “The wheels on the bus”? And don’t forget the tidy up song when the day is drawing to a close and your little ones are tasked with packing up.


3) Put on a show

Transform your lounge into a West End Theatre and get singing. Act out your favourite show, nursery rhyme or have a variety concert. You could even make some props (think toilet roll trumpets) or use household items to get rocking. Pots and pans make fantastic drums. Drag in the older kids/aunts/uncles/grandparents/neighbours to act as audience members.


4) Make the journey musical

Going away for the summer? Why not pop on your favourite CD and sing along as you go. Caterpillar Music has a great CD available to buy which includes the songs your little ones know and love from their classes.


5) Visit the theatre

Visiting the theatre is a wonderful experience – the lights, the music, the excitement! Most local theatres have shows tailored to a range of ages. Contact your local one to see what is showing.


6) Get Creative

Why not combine your creative skills with your little one’s love of music and spend the afternoon creating your very own instruments? Place rice or couscous in plastic containers to make shakers, fill a selection of milk bottles with different levels of water to make your own xylophone or use old shoe boxes, pans, and other household containers along with spoons and spatulas to create your own drum-kit.


7) The sounds around you

Music exists in so many places, sometimes you just need to use your imagination. You can hear the ocean in a shell, the shaking of rice in a jar sounds like the rain, or just sitting and listening to birds singing in a tree all provide a great harmony to get you singing, dancing and enjoying the summer.


However you spend your summer, we hope you have a wonderful time and, we look forward to seeing you in class again in September.




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