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Caterpillar Music Intergenerational

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At Caterpillar Music we know that music is important – and not just for little ones. Music is a source of enjoyment and expression for people of all ages. It fills us with a range of emotions, evokes our memories, and brings us together.


We asked Anna at Caterpillar Music Newark Intergenerational some questions about the classes she runs, and why she started them.

What are intergenerational classes?

They are sessions that are run in care homes, bringing old and young together for fun, singing and companionship. In each class we explore a different theme using nursery rhymes, puppets, instruments and songs.


What do you feel are the benefits of intergenerational classes?

I would say that the top benefit for residents, is the way the classes positively influence their mood.  They look forward to our visits and enjoy taking part; remembering songs and activities from their youth.  They also form lovely friendships with the children and their families giving a chance for genuine conversation with different people.


Why did you start your intergenerational classes?

I started my classes after watching a video about a nursery in America that ran within a care home; residents ate together, read together and took part in creative tasks together.  The residents and families talked so positively about it that I thought it would be a good thing to try.  I asked for local homes who might be interested and began my first class in March 2016. I now run in 7 homes regularly and have had to turn some away.


What sort of feedback do you get from attendees, young and old?

All the feedback I receive is positive.  How the classes are fun, relaxed and enjoyable.  The residents who don’t want to join in fully love watching the children and always comment about how it reminds them of raising their own families. 


If you would like to find out more about intergenerational classes, please get in touch. 

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