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An insight into starting your own franchise

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Last month, we exhibited at the Women in Business Expo. It was a fantastic opportunity to reach out to potential new franchisees and to meet other franchisors and industry professionals. Our franchisees are passionate about their jobs, they love what they do and they love being a part of the Caterpillar Music family. 

We spoke to Emma Gerrard from Caterpillar Music South Liverpool and Crosby about why she started with us and what she loves about being a Caterpillar Music Franchisee.


What lead you to start your own franchise?

I attended similar classes with my children and loved those. I remember thinking, it seemed like a lovely way to earn a living. At the time someone else was running Caterpillar Music classes in my area so I inquired but it was obviously not available.   A year later, Caterpillar Music Head Office contacted me to say that the franchise was for sale. I had just turned down a full-time job and was looking for a new position that would work around my kids so, the timing was perfect. I started my franchise in January 2015.


Why Caterpillar Music?

I inquired with a number of franchises, but Caterpillar Music really caught my eye as the branding stood out so well and looked very professional. I am also quite musical so was attracted to the musical aspect of the company. I also felt it would be better to buy a franchise from an established business, like Caterpillar Music.


How does the job fit around your family life?

It is amazing to be able to work during school hours and fit it in around the school runs. You get to pick and choose the hours you do. For example, I opt to do admin in the evenings and on Fridays. It also fits well with the school holidays, so I have no need to arrange childcare or have any childcare costs. It allows me more time with my kids – I can take them to sports and clubs, giving my children more opportunities too.


What is your favourite part of the job?

So many things! I love the children - getting to know them and their unique characteristics and personalities and building relationships with them.  Babies and toddlers are so innocent and have no filters. You can see their excitement bubbling and when they are in a grump. Some of the children are shy and Caterpillar Music often brings them out. It is so wonderful to see them grow from little babies to young children, starting school.  I feel privileged to have a little pocket in their lives.


What would be your words of wisdom to anyone thinking of joining Caterpillar Music as a Franchisee?

Just go for it. Do it. Make enquiries. It doesn’t commit you to anything. Making that first phone call makes you realise it’s not so scary. Go see a class. Go speak to the bank. Speak to family and friends. Make the call, find out a bit more and see where it takes you.


If you are interested in starting your own Caterpillar Music franchise or would just like to find out a little more, please get in touch. We have franchise opportunities available all over the UK.

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