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Shumi Jeyadevan

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Shumi Jeyadevan


Why not invite us along on your little one's special day! Caterpillar Music parties are suitable for babies and children aged 0 to 4yrs and are also enjoyed by big brothers and sisters too! A combination of simple party games, action songs, instruments and amazing puppets provide a special party where young children can join in as much as they want to... We can even tailor the classes to include their favourie songs and a particular theme!

Each party has one member of the Caterpillar Music team for one hour, music, instruments and puppets for every child to use during the session, a pass the parcel game and a present for the birthday child!


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  • Caterpillars
  • Butterflies
  • Parties
  • Nurseries

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020 8540 1762 & 07968764301
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Term Dates

SUMMER TERM 2019 -Monday 29th April - Friday 12th July 2019
Half term hols (NO CLASSES between Mon 27th May- Fri 31st May 2019)


Special Offers

SIBLING DISCOUNTS. - Under 6 month olds go FREE with a paying sibling,

£30 discount for siblings over 6 months old, with full paying sibling.

Child Minder /Nanny Share discounts available also

About Me

Hello! My name is Shumi and I run Caterpillar Music classes across Clapham and Wandsworth. My classes are fun, friendly and lively and will engage your babies and young children through music. This is an exciting way to enhance learning through play, spark their imagination, practise their listening skills and encourage confidence and the ability to socialise. Each 40 minute class has been carefully designed for children between the ages of 0-4 and has been a hit with parents and their children since 2001. An exciting new theme is introduced each week, such as the jungle, farm and pond life. We explore these using fun nursery rhymes, energetic action songs, captivating puppets and colourful instruments. It's lovely to see your little ones having so much fun! I have always enjoyed music -singing and performing in particular. So when friends (some are teachers) asked me to run singing and drama classes at their school summer holiday camps, I happily joined in . I have volunteered in many school camps over the last 12 years across London and have mainly worked with children between the ages of 3 and 6. I have also organised a camp myself in North London where the main focus was to have lots of energetic fun through music, sports and games and to encourage team work and good sportsmanship. My main experience with babies, however, comes from being mum to my twin boys, now aged eight. When they were little, I wanted to find a class that had everything, something visual and musical with lots of variety - a tall order, but we found it with Caterpillar Music! I have two very different children and I found these classes suited them perfectly as my older twin loved to have a good old bash with all the instruments, but my younger son enjoyed all the actions that came with the songs and loved how animated we all became. I use the 'tidy up' song when we clear up toys at home and sing the 'hello' song to them when I see them first thing in the morning. I enjoyed the classes so much, that I decided to run my own. So come along and have some fun with your little ones and enjoy a FREE trial ..... Look forward to seeing you!

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Children Love It!

Shumi’s class has been a weekly highlight for both of my children (aged 3 and 1). Caterpillar Music is a jam packed 40 minutes of uplifting music, interaction and stimulation for young children. Shumi always has a variety of clean props and great energy. Children love it and it’s fun for the chaperoning adults too! Shumi is an excellent teacher and we couldn’t recommend her or her class more highly!

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We love Shumi's music classes

We love Shumi’s music classes. I came with my daughter before she started pre school and now I bring my son. It’s our highlight of the week. I tell him we are going to music class and he runs straight for the door to head out. It’s so fun and interactive for them. I really do think he gets lots from it. Would highly recommend. 

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Caterpillar with Shumi is the best by far baby and toddler class we have ever done. It is structured yet fun and every week there is something exciting for the little ones. I highly recommend it as it has all the ingredients any mum would hope to find in a class. Lots of learning, fun, play, being able to move around jump and dance, singing. Safe environment, parking, changing facilities and above all a super enthusiastic leader, Shumi! I've read the other feedbacks and agree with them, but you must try it to really understand how good it is. We are still enjoying it after more than a year, it never is repetitive or boring! 

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We have been taking our little girl to Shumi's music class since she was 9 months old and I can honestly say that, out of all of the classes that I have been to since she was born, she is the most engaged and happiest at Caterpillar Music. Shumi is so energetic and brings such a great vice to the class. My daughter gets so excited when we arrive and is so familiar with all of the songs and actions. I've been shocked at how quickly she has picked things up. We are constantly singing the songs at home (especially the tidy up time song!). Unlike other classes, Shumi constantly interacts with the little ones and has so many props - puppets, bubbles, costumes, hats etc. It never gets dull and there's always something new. The group is so friendly and we have made lots of friends. Since I have gone back to work, my husband gets to go to the class and I miss it so much as I used to look forward to it every week! The timing is perfect (40 mins). I really can't recommend it enough. Thank you Shumi x

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My daughter has been attending Shumi’s class in Tooting and we can not recommend it enough. We both look forward to it every week. It has been a wonderful opportunity for my daughter who is now 18 months to interact with other children and work on gross motor skills through the actions and activities during the class. Shumi has an incredible ability to make sure that each child is engaged throughout the class and enjoying every minute of it. Shumi also takes an interest in each child's development and remembers each and every one of them by name too which is amazing and makes all of the children smile. It is a great class for single children or multiple child families and I can not stress enough how great it has been for my daughter. 

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My son has been going to Shumi's group now for the past 13 months. She is energetic and enthusiastic at every session. Both my son and I look forward to the group, such a lovely way to spend a morning together.

Shumi always has amazing resources and a huge variety of songs which my son loves. The children are encouraged to dance sing and move about the room freely, a real plus for my energetic son.

We have tried other music groups but Shumi's group is the best by far. It really show that She cares a lot about each child's individual experience.

I could not recommend her more highly.

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My daughter Polly has been coming to Shumi's Caterpillar class since she was 3 months old and loves it 2 years on. She gets excited every Monday morning when I tell her we are going to music. Offering a wide range of songs, new themes each week, puppets, toys & props as well as musical instruments Shumi has it covered. Polly has developed so much over the classes I remember trying to get her to lie down for sleeping bunnies which seemed impossible now she is straight down on the floor no hesitation!!! We will continue to come for as long as we can and look forward to introducing Annabelle her little sister to Shumi's great class. Highly recommend giving it a go.

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We've been going to Shumi's music class for over two years now and it's still one of the highlights of our week! Shumi has so much energy and enthusiasm and manages to captivate the imagination of children of all ages. I'm also amazed at how she remembers the names of all the children in the group! My eldest son is almost 2 and a half and it's a joy to watch him dancing, singing along and generally having a fantastic time each week. I'd definitely recommend Shumi's classes!

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We have been going to Shumi's music classes for 2 years now and they are fantastic. We have tried a few others but she is by far the best.

Shumi takes each class with so much energy and she manages to entertain children of all ages. My kids have been entertained by Shumi since they were 6 months old and they are still loving her at over 3 years old!

Shumi 'performed' at my daughters 3rd birthday party and she had over 15 children enthralled by her activities!

I cannot recommend Shumi more highly, not only is she a lovely person to deal with, but she obviously loves what she does and it shows in each class. There is also a discount for twins and siblings which is a huge bonus for our family!

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Customer Comments from Catherine, Robyn and Angela
(Updated: June 12, 2013)

Catherine, June 2013

''Thankyou so much for making my son's 1st birthday such a fun day!! The entertainment you provided was exactly what I had in mind - the babies/children loved all of it and the parents loved seeing their babies have fun . You obviously have a special rapport with children but a couple of my friends also commented on your incredible voice and your acting abilities! ''


Robyn SW18, June 2013

"My daughters LOVE Caterpiller Music! It is so much more than just a music class as the children let off steam in the big space of the hall and jump about to the music and learn about colours, numbers, animals and new songs. Each week the different theme keeps it exciting and Shumi is great at including all of the children, even the more timid ones and always remembers all of their names! It is a really uplifting class for children and adults alike as we all join in!

The tidy up song is my personal favourite, I have attempted it to introduce it at home in the hope of a tidier playroom - doesn't seem to work so well there though without Shumi's dulcit tones!

Another added benefit is spotless brand new loos with changing facilities and it is always easy to find a parking space too! Oh and it fits in so well with the lunchtime naps!"


Angela P, June 2013

"Hi Shumi, My son had a lovely time today - he loved the music and all the instruments. We had very good feedback about your music session, Thank you so much."

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