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Maggie Carberry

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Maggie Carberry


Due to our busy six day week full of our fun classes,we currently are not able to offer parties but please message us via our Facebook page at to check if we may be able to accommodate you :)


United Kingdom


Town / City
County / State
Isle of Wight

Licensed to Lead

  • Caterpillars
  • Butterflies
  • Nurseries

Contact Details

Phone Number
01983 617778 or find us on Facebook where you can message us directly and view daily updates at

Term Date Information

Term Dates


Summer Term 2019 - 8th April to 20th July

Autumn Term 2019 - 2nd September to 14th December

Spring Term 2020 - 6th January to 28th March

Caterpillar Music classes are not held during Half-Term. Please check our Facebook page for any classes that may be running on Bank Holidays at

Term dates are provisional and may be subject to change. In the event of any changes, all details will be available on our Facebook page at

Special Offers

EVERYONE is entitled to a FREE Trial Class !!

Siblings are HALF-PRICE and if you have twins, then one twin is FREE regardless of their age.

Currently, we are also offering the following Special Offers:-

Class are FREE for 0-3 month olds and HALF-PRICE for 3-6 month olds


About Me

WELCOME TO CATERPILLAR MUSIC HERE ON THE ISLE OF WIGHT - WHERE WE SING, DANCE, LAUGH AND LEARN. Please follow us on Facebook at for daily updates, Island information, competitions, regularly updated class photos and much more.......


My name is Maggie and I have been running Caterpillar Music classes on the Island since 2006 with the aim of teaching young babies and toddlers vital skills simply by having fun !!

Our lively and interactive classes run Islandwide 6 days a week where your little ones will be inspired to learn.

WHAT IS CATERPILLAR MUSIC? Find out on Facebook at !

Caterpillar Music offers learning in a fun and relaxed atmosphere where we allow every child to progress at their own pace.
All our classes are carefully structured so that all Under 5's can partake in every activity and classes run at an appropriate pace in order to hold the attention of all the children.
Our songs are exciting and fun and are accompanied by a wide selection of captivating puppets and exciting instruments - the puppets are incorporated into all of our songs and we are able to teach rhythm through use of our instruments.
Caterpillar Music classes are varied week by week in order to stimulate and entertain yet all songs are repeated regulary throughout the term to maintain learning.


The benefits are enormous - your little one will learn many valuable development skills at one of our classes including building on their speech and language, vocabulary and memory skills. In addition to which their confidence and social skills will also be enhanced.

The children who regularly attend caterpillar Music certainly excel and show major developmental skills.

These benefits are ongoing and expected outcomes are children who feel more confident within themselves from having experienced and gained vital skills at a Caterpillar Music class. The children have much to gain and can use the skills they have learnt well into the future.

Most importantly, Caterpillar Music classes are FUN for baby and FUN for you !
Mummies, Daddies and Grandparents love to join in at our lively and interactive classes making them one of the most popular Pre-School activities on the Island.


I look forward to welcoming you and your little one to a Caterpillar Music Class very soon. Why not have a look through the photos on my Facebook page - Caterpillar Music Isle of Wight - to see what we get up to "in action"


"My son has been going to Caterpillar Music for over 18 months and he absolutely loves it and even knows that on Thursday it is Caterpillar Music day. Maggie is so amazing with all the children, remembering which are their favourite songs and really taking the time to get the children to join in at their own pace. My son loves it when it is our week for show and tell and we have fun painting, sticking, making or finding things for the theme that week. Joining Caterpillar Music has given both me and my son a new circle of friends who all adore both going to Caterpillar Music and Maggie herself" CLAIRE - SIMON'S MUMMY

"What impresses me most about Maggie is her natural ability to interact and encourage the children. Her never ending energy and enthusiasm keeps the children attention throughout the class, meaning all participate - even my seven month old." ARAN - OLIVIA AND BEATRICE'S MUMMY

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My son attended Maggie's classes from 15 months to 5 years old. He absolutely loved it, and built up such a lovely relationship with her. Now my daughter loves her just as much. Caterpillars is great fun, and Maggie is a natural with all the kids. Thanks Maggie!

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My daughter loves Caterpillar music.

My little girl now 2 absolutely loves going to music classes. Weve been going since my daughter was 3 monthish old and shes now over 2 and a half. She loves going to see Maggie on a Wednesday. Maggie helps bring the childrens confidence out, includes every child including very young babies. She is also the only person I know that can remember every childs name too. My daughter loves music, but I think she loves Maggie too!

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Maggie is a fantastic class leader. She focuses on enjoyment and fun. My son who is now 9 months has loved going along. He joins in and recognises the songs. When I sing them at home he smiles. We both look forward to Tuesday mornings. Sometimes I wonder who enjoys it more?!

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Our Grandson loves the singing and dancing...

As grandparents we enjoy taking our fourteen month old grandson to Caterpillar. Our Grandson loves the singing and dancing and interacting with all of the children. He adores Maggie and is never far away from her. Saturday morning is his best day of the week and he has learnt so much from Maggie. He just loves his music.

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We love Caterpillar Music so much...

My daughter Imogen has been coming to Caterpillar Music since she started going to her childminder, at about age 1. Her childminder takes her every Friday and she loves it! I also enjoy going to the holiday classes with her which luckily for both of us are usually on a Wednesday (one of my two days off in the week!). I also love taking her on any rare Fridays that I have off of work. At home we quite often have to have the Caterpillar Music CD on and either musical instruments or puppets to play along with too! We love Caterpillar Music so much that Imogen even had a Caterpillar Music birthday party for her 3rd birthday last November.

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My daughter Poppy absolutely loves coming to Caterpillar Music classes (as do I). She very rarely sits on my lap anymore, she would much rather be standing up with Maggie dancing along. As for Maggie, well what can I say. She makes the classes enjoyable for both parents and children and I just wish she had been doing it when my older children were little. :)

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My daughter Beaux absolutely loves Maggie and Caterpillar Music, on her first class she sat still and looked nervously at the other children. Now she dances around and knows all the actions to the songs. I look forward to the class every Tuesday!!

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Maggie Carberry

When we started Caterpillar Music 2 terms ago my daughter was shy and didn’t like interacting with other adults or children. In such a short period of time she has become so much more confident, not only at classes but in everyday life. Maggie is such a wonderful woman who really knows how to interact with children and bring out the best in them. I am so glad that I found Caterpillar Music and Maggie, I only wish I had found them sooner!

My son has been attending since he was 2 weeks old and I am sure he will benefit just as much as my daughter has.

Caterpillar Music is a wonderful class to bond with your children, and to make new friends.

I high recommend Maggie, and Caterpillar Music.

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