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Laura Bird

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Laura Bird


Why not book your party with us? We provide fun parties for ages 0-4 years but older siblings, friends and family members are more than welcome to join in too ;)

With colourful instruments and amazing puppets, simple party games and action songs it will turn out to be a day worth remembering.
You can choose a theme and we are more than happy to accommodate your and your child's wishes, pick their favourite songs, use a parachute and/or bubbles to make their celebrations extra special!

If you attend our classes regularly get 10% off our party bookings.

Contact me for availability or more information! I look forward to celebrating with you.


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  • Caterpillars
  • Butterflies
  • Parties
  • Nurseries

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0203 583 9234 / 07969295445

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Term Dates
Monday at Twynholm: 10:30am ONLY (mixed session)
Thursday at Chiswick Theatre Arts 10am
Saturday at Cupcake 9:30am

Click "contact me" or call/text numbers above to check for availability and book

Special Offers

Your first session is free.
After you can pay per class or purchase a 5 or 10 session bundle. Discounts for siblings & twins available. Please contact me for details.

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About Me

I remember the first time I attended a class myself years back. Little Luke was only 6 months old and I was rather nervous as it was my first activity with him since I had taken the job. My first job as a Nanny in London. And what can I say? We felt so comfortable, relaxed and welcomed and loved every single second. In fact we liked it so much that I ended up taking Luke and his brother for 2 years. And even after changing jobs I took most of "my" little ones to their classes.
If I had to describe them in one word: Fabulous! And I'd still use that word.

Which brings me to...I can proudly announce that I am a class leader myself now and will deliver classes in and around Fulham!
My name is Laura and I have been working with children for more than 13 years now.
I studied paediatric nursing and worked in hospital to begin with.
In London I became a Nanny and looked after children from the ages of 0-13 years for almost 10 years.
In those years I encountered such lovely and precious children and witnessed them grow into little people. Furthermore I met some remarkable parents and carers who some I am lucky enough to call friends now and we still keep in touch.
But...all good things must come to an end.

It is time for a new chapter and adventure! Caterpillar Music Fulham. I am beyond excited to start my own classes.
My mum still tells me stories about how my younger self would be the life and soul of every party. Entertaining. Singing. Dancing. Loved it.
Which is why I think my classes won't just be educating but FUN for all of our age groups 0-4 years.
With different themes each week, songs and nursery rhymes, instruments and puppets Caterpillar Music is diverse and captivating.
In all of the classes I have been to the atmosphere was always very relaxed and easy going which is what I aim for for my classes too.

I would love to see you and your little ones at my classes!
Book your free trial now or contact me for further information.
Look forward to it! Laura

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Laura is amazing!

Laura is simply the best and makes it the happiest of days after we see her!! Our son is totally mesmerised by her incredible way of being, she is the sweetest and has an amazing energy and enthusiasm. We’ve been going to the classes since he is 3 months, he is now 1 year and will continue to go to Laura’s class for many years! Even I love it!

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Laura came to our daughter’s first birthday party and was loved by all the babies and toddlers. She was very engaging and fun with all the young and everyone left smiling! Thank you Laura! We hope you will be available for future parties as well! X

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We have loved our caterpillar class with Laura so much and will be coming over and over again. In fact I am even hoping to book her for my little girls birthday party.

We regularly attend around 7 different classes a week and I can honestly say this is our favourite. Laura is genuinely interested in the kids as well as being very charismatic and engaging and brings a ton of props to the class which the little ones get so excited about!

Thanks Laura :):)

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First activity classes with your baby should be exciting and special, and there is no better class than Laura's. From fun songs, to great instruments and props... each week has something new and interesting to do. My son Henry loves it and it's our favourite time of week.

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I have been to many of these fabulous classes with my little man (from when he was 4 months old up until now at 14 months) and we both absolutely love it! Laura is so passionate and engaging and you can see that she clearly loves what she does. The classes are loads of fun and we will definitely be coming back again and again! Highly recommended! Laura you are a super star!

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Awesome class atmosphere
(Updated: November 16, 2017)

I have been a Nanny for over 28 years, the last 15 years primarily caring for newborns and recovering Mummy's.

I was thrilled to stay with a fabulous repeat client for longer and take our little one who is now 16 months old to one of Laura's classes.

I can honestly say that I didn't have as much fun 15 years ago when I last attended baby music classes.

Laura is so bubbly and brimming with smiles and tireless energy. Little one had a fabulous time and spent a lot of time wiggling side to side with the music, and was very thrilled to hear songs we sing together, sang in the class.

It is now part of our calendar and her older brothers are sad they are too big at 5.5y & 7.5y to join us.

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I highly recommend Laura’s caterpillar classes to all young babies and toddlers. I’ve attended Laura’s classes with kids I’ve looked after previously and now my own child. My daughter (18months) absolutely loves the classes and so have the children previously in my care. Laura has a lovely warm welcoming personality that has made it so very easy for my child and many others to fit in well and enjoy themselves in a loving and fun atmosphere filled with lots of songs, musical instruments, puppets and more. My daughter absolutely loves Laura and her classes.

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So I'm not sure who is a bigger fan of Laura's class, me or my 7mo old Max! Banging and clapping and bubbles and singing, loads of variety, different kids of different ages to copy, a plethora of instruments and puppets to get stuck into... so much fun! We absolutely love it!

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Laura comes to our nursery once a week to run a class for our under two year olds.
The children are incredibly engaged throughout Laura's session and are learning lots of new songs.

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Laura is an energetic and engaging music teacher. I am delighted with the classes she runs and my daughter is loving the entertainment. Laura is very personable and helpful too, I could not recommend her more highly

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We, Sean nearly 3 years old, go to Laura since we had the trial class on Kings Road, Sean loves singing along and cuddling all puppets . Laura is full of energy and enthusiasm. Sean loves it so much every time we walk to Eel Brook Common he is asking if we are going to Laura's singing class and if it isn't the day he gets a little disappointed. I highly recommend Laura's class to anyone, it is so much fun.

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I took my daughter to one of Laura's Butterfly classes in Fulham and we had so much fun!
It never got boring. Laura kept the little ones entertained with so many different songs and props. Siion absolutely loved the puppets and Winnifred the bubble whale! She joined in straight away and kept on singing all the way home - and the day after.
We are definitely coming back for more!

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