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Helen Simmons

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Helen Simmons


Why not invite us along on your little one's special day! Caterpillar Music parties are suitable for babies and children aged 0 to 4yrs and are also enjoyed by big brothers and sisters too! A combination of simple party games, action songs, instruments and amazing puppets provide a special party where young children can join in as much as they want to... We can even tailor the classes to include their favourite songs and a particular theme!

Each party has one member of the Caterpillar Music team for one hour, music, instruments and puppets for every child to use during the session, a pass the parcel game and a present for the birthday child!


United Kingdom


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Licensed to Lead

  • Caterpillars
  • Butterflies
  • Parties
  • Nurseries

Contact Details

Phone Number
020 3745 7945 / 07758 215073

Term Date Information

Term Dates
Spring Term:
January 15th - March 30th 2018
(half-term: February 12th - 16th – No classes running that week)

Summer Term:
April 16th – July 13th, 2018
(half-term: May 28th – June 1st – No classes running that week)

You can sign up at any time of year (even mid-term, provided that there is space available).
Please get in touch first to check availability as spaces are limited.

Special Offers

Bringing more than 1 child?:
Children under 4 months go free with an older sibling.
Children over 4 months go half-price

We also offer discounts for low income families.

About Me

In every class, the children encounter amazing puppets, exciting props and colourful instruments.
The children absolutely love the different weekly themes we have and are usually very keen to show me what they have brought.

Experts agree that music enhances learning and helps babies and adults communicate and every class at Caterpillar Music is carefully planned with nursery rhymes and songs to help develop vocabulary. Playing percussion instruments fosters dexterity and provides an early introduction to music for young babies and children. Interaction with other children develops social skills, confidence and fun.

The classes are varied but structured in a way that the children know what is coming next. Many parents and carers have also commented that the structure of Caterpillar Music and the skills that the children gain along the way, have helped their children afterwards to settle very easily into nursery and pre-school.

There is a lovely, relaxed atmosphere at our classes and we encourage you and your child to join in as much or as little as you wish. As a child I played the violin and recorder and growing up, we always had a piano in the house to tinker on as my Father was a classically trained pianist.

After attending lots of baby groups with Harry (the first of my 3 boys), I decided that I would really love to work with little ones. I had previously enjoyed teaching English to Japanese children through games and songs and had found the teaching aspect of my job really rewarding. After discovering Caterpillar Music, I have never looked back. I have been running Caterpillar Music classes in Clapham, Wandsworth, Wimbledon and now Epsom, since 2006.

I am now trained in both the Kodaly and Dalcroze methods of music teaching. Understanding more about these methods means I can incorporate countless different ways of teaching children rhythm, beat and tempo whilst injecting even more fun into the classes.

My boys, Harry, Jake and Finlay have a lot of fun with the themes too (as well as the puppets and props). The boys have been with me to a few of the classes and of course know all the songs!! We sing at home and they love music! I strongly believe that this experience has helped develop not only their strong linguistic ability (all three talking from an early age) their sense of rhythm, coordination, and turn-taking. Harry now plays piano, Jake plays the drums and Finlay is always singing. This could turn into the first Caterpillar Music rock group!

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Helen is a great music teacher
(Updated: October 13, 2017)

Helen is a great music teacher. We enjoyed every class with her . I have taken several baby classes with different Brands. Most classes are similar, but the teachers are the key factor for baby. My baby Hannah really like her . She is very approachable and kind . I am glad that we have music class with Helen. All the best. 

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Wonderful classes

Our children have enjoyed Helen's classes for many years, Helen is vibrant, energetic and brings musical songs to life for the children. A really great class.

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Helen is lovely!

I have been bringing my two year old daughter to Helen's classes over the last year. I have seen my daughter grow in confidence and flourish during these classes. She loves them and can't wait to go! Helen has a natural flair for engaging with young children and she makes the classes fun and entertaining. My daughter now sings along to the songs and loves it when the toys come out and become part of the songs! I thoroughly recommend Helen!

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Excellent class

I took both of my daughters to Helen's class from the age of about 1 year until they started school, and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that of all the toddler classes I have ever been to, Helen's Caterpillar music classes are the best.

Great props and great themes. Helen has clearly prepared week for each class, and she has a wonderful way with the kids - gentle, fun, full of energy, bubbly, smiley, happy. Not only did my kids love the classes but I have to say I had a lot of fun too!

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Fantastic classes!

We have loved Caterpillar music classes with Helen ever since we found them a few years ago! She has such a great way and is so friendly, puts the kids at ease and gets them involved effortlessly. She makes you feel so welcome, always remembering names and lovely little touches. The kids have built confidence and social skills through these fun sessions each week - and always get so excited to go! So do I!

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I really look forward to this class every week! Helen has a lovely way with the children; she is gentle, energetic and engaging.
I love the different themes, and that songs and activities vary each week. It's really refreshing as most other baby groups just repeat the same things every week.
It is clear that a lot of thought goes into the planning and delivery of the classes. All the props and instruments are vibrant and fun (and clean!).
I'm so happy I found this class, it's exactly what baby classes should be: engaging, stimulating and run by someone who has a wonderful affinity with the children. Thank you!

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My son & I have been attending for a few weeks, signing up for a course following a free trial, we laugh together, sing together, play together and I get a free workout at the same time - I'm not sure who enjoys the class more!

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Great class

I was looking for a music class to take my charge too and found caterpillar music and especially Helen. The best in wimbledon. 2 kids and 5 years on each class is very engaging, entertaining, interesting, lively and fresh every week.

The children love being able to choose their puppets, instruments, do a marching song, and very quickly recognise the simple structure of the class.

The class helps with the childrens confidence, co-ordination, social skills, memory.

Now aged 5.5 Katherine still remembers the songs she learned. Her little brother gets so excited at the mention of going to music.

It's a great way to learn new songs, make new friends and enjoy watching your little one learn in a fun safe environment, with a fantastic teacher.

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My kids have been to caterpillar music for 3 years !

Helen is full of energy and my kids love her ... Both have been from the age of 6months until they had to start school !

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Hello everyone!
What about Caterpillar Music?
I go with my 3 year old daughter.
For us it is a first English work experience because we come from France. So without knowledge of the language, English songs and customs! ...
Helen welcomed us with warmth, joy and friendship.
She knew how captivate Chloe, to tempt him to participate, learn, and it became a real joy to come for her.
There is a different theme each week and Chloe insists on choosing his disguise, her little object it will bring!
This is a group of very friendly moms.
So I have one thing to say: Thank you Helen and many come it's fantastic !!!
Sorry for my english...

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Fantastic music class

I attend Caterpillar Music with my daughter (who is about to turn two). We absolutely love the class and look forward to it each week. Helen is the most enthusiastic and inspiring teaching I have ever met, and she manages to keep a class of toddlers enthralled and entertained throughout each session. Caterpillar Music is the highlight of our week and my daughter loves joining in with the class, and then singing the songs at home and re-enacting the games too. I whole-heartedly recommend this class.

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Helen is a wonderful teacher! She truly captures the toddlers' imaginations and you can tell they all love her, my son included. The classes follow a similar format each week but with the different themes and wonderful props Helen brings, they feel varied and fun. Thank you Helen!

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I have been going to Helen's classes with my 2 year old daughter for about 5 months now and she absolutely LOVES it!!
Being a classical musician myself I really admire the brilliant job Helen does with the children. She has a very nice variety of songs and rhymes and keeps the children actively involved (singing, dancing, playing on little instruments) and interested all the time. She is very bubbly and has incredible energy and a lovely way with the children. She never forgets a name and I love the 'say hello/ goodbye' (name of each child) song at the beginning and end of each class. Helen clearly plans each lesson carefully and she has an impressive range of fun props that the children love. This class is the highlight of my daughter's week and I am always happy when I don't have to go to work on a Caterpillars morning so I get to go with her and see her be so happy!

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''Helen’s music class!!''

We have been attending Helen’s Butterflies music class for the past six months and we absolutely love it! Our daughter of 2.5 years is all about ''Helen’s music class!! Helen’s music class!!'' at the start of the week until we do actually attend the class on Wednesdays!
The songs are great, the toys & accessories are unique and entertaining and, above all, Helen is truly passionate about what she does which makes it so enjoyable for us!

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So exciting!

My son really enjoy this class. I also enjoy exciting music and rhymes. Especially, my teacher, Hellen is so devoted and passionate at the class. Always thanks.

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Really fun for both mum and child!

My daughter has been going to this class for about a year now and of all the classes she attends I think this is the most fun - great songs and props, but most importantly, Helen is a fabulous class leader. You can see she really enjoys what she's doing and the kids all love her. The passion she puts into the class means that it's not only fun for the kids, but really enjoyable for the mums too!

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(Updated: March 18, 2014)

My little boy and I attend this class and we absolutely love it. He is thrilled each week when I tell him we are a going singing with Helen and he enjoys every minute while we are there. If you are thinking of bringing your child to this class I would definitely recommend it. They will love all the puppets, instruments and singing. Helen is a great teacher and she has an excellent way with all the little ones.

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