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We have been taking our little girl to Shumi's music class since she was 9 months old and I can honestly say that, out of all of the classes that I have been to since she was born, she is the most engaged and happiest at Caterpillar Music. Shumi is so energetic and brings such a great vice to the class. My daughter gets so excited when we arrive and is so familiar with all of the songs and actions. I've been shocked at how quickly she has picked things up. We are constantly singing the songs at home (especially the tidy up time song!). Unlike other classes, Shumi constantly interacts with the little ones and has so many props - puppets, bubbles, costumes, hats etc. It never gets dull and there's always something new. The group is so friendly and we have made lots of friends. Since I have gone back to work, my husband gets to go to the class and I miss it so much as I used to look forward to it every week! The timing is perfect (40 mins). I really can't recommend it enough. Thank you Shumi x

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