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Class Leaders

I have been going to Helen's classes with my 2 year old daughter for about 5 months now and she absolutely LOVES it!!
Being a classical musician myself I really admire the brilliant job Helen does with the children. She has a very nice variety of songs and rhymes and keeps the children actively involved (singing, dancing, playing on little instruments) and interested all the time. She is very bubbly and has incredible energy and a lovely way with the children. She never forgets a name and I love the 'say hello/ goodbye' (name of each child) song at the beginning and end of each class. Helen clearly plans each lesson carefully and she has an impressive range of fun props that the children love. This class is the highlight of my daughter's week and I am always happy when I don't have to go to work on a Caterpillars morning so I get to go with her and see her be so happy!

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