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What's holding you back from trying Caterpillar Music?!

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If you’ve been looking at the Caterpillar Music website or following on Facebook but not yet tried classes – this is for you! Here are common questions that you may have thought but not wanted to ask…

What's holding you back from giving us a try? Hopefully, you'll find reassurance here to come for a free trial but just get in touch if you have a question that's not been covered.

What should I expect?
A 40 minute structured class filled with nursery rhymes, action songs, light shows, parachutes, puppets, props, bubbles and instruments all centred around a weekly theme.

Do I have to commit to a term? How long is that for?
My classes are pre-bookable in termly blocks, usually lasting about 6 weeks depending on how the School calendar falls. One of the main reasons that I run classes in termly blocks is because it creates a personal friendly environment. You get to know me and each other (if you wish!) and I get to know you and your child. I absolutely LOVE seeing their development over a few weeks. Such as seeing them learn how to sit, clap, crawl, walk, or learn actions to a song. I get to know what things they love and who to give a wide berth to when playing with a particular prop.

Worried that you or your child won’t like it?
Sometimes new experiences take a few tries until we get a good ‘feel’ of things. Some children take to it straight away, some don’t. I love the confidence of little ones coming straight in and getting involved but I’m also experienced with children that spend that first session clinging to their parent or crying and not wanting to join in. I can tell those who I should approach cautiously and build up the friendship with. It makes it very special when by the 3rd week they’re coming up to me to collect props or tidy up.

Do I have to sing? Will you make me act ‘silly’?
Being silly is my job. There is no pressure to do anything – this applies to both you and your child. At the start of each song/ activity I will give you suggestions of how to join in. Sometimes I’ll suggest different variations of how to play. While enthusiasm and singing along is very welcome, it’s not a necessity! You can either encourage your child or let them lead the way.

What if my child doesn’t do what they are ‘supposed to do’ or doesn’t join in?
Again, there’s no pressure to join in in a specific way, I just make suggestions and try to engage your child. If they become particularly attached to a prop and not want to tidy it away, then I’m very relaxed. I’ll encourage but never force them. The class provides structured play but I will never force or shame anyone to join in. Both child and grown up can take what they like from the session. If you’re child wants to observe for a while, that’s fine. If they want to touch and explore every prop, that’s fine too. As long as they are safe, then it’s all good.

I’m worried about not knowing anyone or walking into an ‘established’ group?
As classes are pre-bookable I will know you’re coming and I’ll say hello when you walk in. I’ll advise you to take a seat on a mat with your child and get yourself settled. My classes are relaxed and friendly. It is a structured class so you won’t be ‘left alone in a corner’ and no need to worry about chatting to others if you don’t want to. There’s no expectation to chat or make friends; just arrive, play with your little one and leave if you wish. Or you could bring another family member or friend with you to support you.

Where do I park?
In your booking confirmation I will provide you with details about where to park. All venues have plenty of free parking on site.

What if I’m late?
No worries – I was always a late Mum! Babies have an amazing ability to fill a nappy right before you plan to step out the door! Just come on in and sit down, I’ll give you a little nod or wave hello without missing a note!

What if my baby cries/ needs feeding or their nappy changed?
No problem. We’re all mums and understand that’s what babies do. You do what you feel you need to; whether that’s cuddles, standing and rocking, breast/ bottle feeding, or dealing with a poo-narmi – we’ve all been there!

Going somewhere new can be scary and overwhelming when you’re trying to juggle Motherhood. If there’s any question I’ve missed, or there is something you want to ask before you come along to a class, please do get in touch.

Nicky, Caterpillar Music Newbury & Winchester.

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