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German-language Caterpillar Music Classes!

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Es ist soweit! The first EVER German Caterpillar Music class will open its doors on 6th November 2018 at Cupcake Family Club in Fulham. Whether you or your partner (or the grandparents) know or speak German and you’d like to expose your little one more or you would just like to introduce a second language, this is the perfect opportunity. Puppets, instruments and weekly themes await – yes we will have “Karneval” and “Sankt Martin” – along with the classics and brand new rhymes and songs, ALL in German! Born and raised in Germany myself, I moved over to the UK in 2006. Working as a Nanny, I raised a few children bilingual and was completely fascinated how quickly they would pick up both languages and switch between the two depending on who they spoke to. It just worked. I started Caterpillar Music Fulham in March 2017 and was playing with the idea of opening “German only” classes for a while now. I am so excited about what’s to come…we will start with one class but who knows what the future holds and where it takes us. Ich freue mich!

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