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Caterpillar Music in Basingstoke turned 1!!

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Caterpillar Music in Basingstoke turned 1!!
After a successful first year of running classes, Caterpillar Music in Basingstoke celebrated with two parties!! Caterpillar Music Chineham started in Sepetember 2012 with Jaz running two classes a week. Within a few weeks, classes were getting busy and she opened a third. A year on and Jaz now runs 5 sessions a week full of babies and toddlers enjoying the classes.

To celebrate her first year of Caterpillar Music, Jaz decided to have a 1st birthday party for her Caterpillar mascot "Cuddles". It was so popular she had to run a second party to fit everybody in!!

The party was a Caterpillar Music session followed by the children enjoying Soft Play that was provided, cakes and drinks.

It was a huge success and Jaz is now planning a Christmas party...

Jaz is hoping to open even more classes over her second year so that more babies and toddlers can come and enjoy her sessions.


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