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Fun and Creative Learning Since 2001

Give your child a head-start with our weekly music classes which use exciting themes, colourful instruments and baby safe puppets to encourage creative learning.


Music sessions provide many benefits for children’s development, not least:

  • Enhanced learning
  • Helping babies and parents to communicate through shared activity
  • Development of social skills, confidence and learning to make friends
  • Fostering dexterity through use of musical instruments
  • Language development and increased vocabulary

We Offer The Following Programmes


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Ages: 0 to 36 months

The Caterpillar class is a fun class for young babies and toddlers to enjoy together.

Babies love music and are never too young to enjoy our classes, whether actively joining in or just enjoying watching other children they are encouraged to crawl, stand up and eventually start taking a few steps like their classmates! Socialising with older children will help their development.

They will be captivated by the music, puppets and fun activities at every session and will soon start to recognise their favourite songs, rhymes and music, even singing them at home!

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Ages: 18 months to 4 years - Classes for Toddlers

Once your toddler is a bit more active, they will love the action songs in these classes which encourage jumping, dancing and acting out their favourite animals.

The weekly themes mean that children engage with finding items at home to bring to class – whether it’s something to wear, a favourite toy or a book to share.

At this age, social skills and confidence grow every week and are enhanced by our relaxed environment where children can join in as much as they want to and develop at their own pace.

Every class is different so contact your local Class Leader to find out which class is best for your child.

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0 to 4 Years

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0 to 4 Years

Caterpillar Music have been providing classes in nurseries, Children's Centres and Sure Start centres since 2001

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